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Gutter Cleaning | The Reliable Gutters Cleaning Service!

Do your gutters need cleaning? Full of debris, blocked downpipes and overflowing gutters? Then you need our professional gutter cleaner service! Don't risk a fall from a ladder in an attempt to DIY your spring cleaning!

Concrete Roof Tiles

Did you know the blocked gutters can be the root cause of many issues in your property including damp, mould and in severe cases subsidence?

When you have blocked downpipes or clogged guttering rainwater runs off your roof tiles and then overflows the guttering system - running down your exterior wall being absorbed by the porous brick, stone or render on your walls.

Left for extended periods of time the overflowing water can cause damp to soak its way through the exterior wall, causing damp and mould inside your property which can of course lead to health problems including respiratory problems for you and your family.

Here at The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd we are your local gutter cleaners for both domestic and commercial gutter cleaning services - with over a decade of experience working on properties of all shapes and sizes including homes, schools, offices, factories and care homes.

The Gutter Vacuum Service For Clean Gutters

Safety is a priority for our team and that is why we utilize Gutter Vac Systems similar to the SkyVac along with a complete range of ladder safety equipment and telescopic gutter cleaning tools.

Our gutter vac systems are capable of cleaning guttering up to 3 stories high from the safety of the ground using our specialist gutter cleaning pole. Our market leading 3600 watt gutter vacuum systems are powered by our on board generator - meaning that we do not need access to your electricity in order to power our main tool.

Ladders are used to physically check and clear blocked downpipes where safe and physically possible to do so - giving you complete peace of mind that your gutters are left clear of leaf, moss and other debris once again. We never use a blower, pressure washer or carry out power washing on your gutters!

Gutter Cleaning and Repair Service

If you have leaking gutters then the most likely cause is a blockage and the next likely cause is simply that the UPVC guttering has moved along from the union, causing a leak.

Minor repairs are included with our residential gutter clearance service – if the repair does not require any parts to fix it and we can safely access the gutter on ladder then we will repair it free of charge while on site.

Any repairs which require parts are quoted for when we are at your property to clear the gutters or via pictures. (We do not visit to quote for gutter repairs)

Our team is able to repair or replace UPVC guttering, we leave concrete guttering and cast iron gutter repairs to the specialists in those fields.

Commercial Guttering Cleaning

Commercial gutter cleaning projects generally begin with an onsite survey to view the guttering system, discuss any requirements of yours as the client regarding health and safety along with working hours etc.

Our aim is to safely clear the gutters of your commercial building without causing disruption to the operations of your business.

No matter if your commercial building is a retail store on a high street, a complete school complex, a leisure centre or large warehouse you can be sure that our expertise will get your gutters cleared and free flowing – leaving you to focus on your other business activities.

Our team are IPAF & PASMA Trained as well as being competent in the use of all types of cherry picker and mansafe roof safety systems and walkways giving you peace of mind that your gutter cleaning works will be carried out by a contractor working safely.

For commercial projects we use either a camera or drone to take photos of completed works – perfect for property management companies reporting back to clients.

For commercial gutter cleaning projects we serve London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Surrey.

Your Cleaning Guarantee

If your downpipes become blocked within 1 month of us clearing your gutters then we will return free of charge to re-clear the downpipes. The normal reason for this is a heavy moss build up on your roof.

We will simply ask for video of the overflowing gutter and we will reschedule a return visit at no further cost.

Our Cleaning FAQs

Each gutter clearance job is priced taking into consideration factors such as access, the amount of guttering, the height of the guttering and any obstacles that are hindering safe access.

Our minimum charge for gutter cleaning is £80 which would apply to terraced houses close to our location in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

For a larger detached 2 story house the total cost usually comes to somewhere between £150 and £250 while luxury detached properties can be between £300 upto £900.

There are so many factors to consider that it would be impossible to have a fair, honest, upfront pricing policy with prices simply based on number of bedrooms or lengths of gutters.

Call us today 0n 01494 355645 for a fixed price gutter cleaning quote, our price is never revised once our gutter cleaners arrive at your home.

No, all we need is access to the exterior of your house.

Our gutter cleaners are equipped with everything on board that they need in order to clear your guttering. They have a generator on board to power the gutter vac system.

Depending on the size / location of your gutter clean we may take a deposit at the time of booking with full payment due upon completion.

Full payment can be made on the day in cash to the gutter cleaner or via bank transfer – a flyer invoice will be left with bank details for the payment.

Yes, our gutter vac system allows our team to be cleaning gutters on the 2nd story and even the 3rd story above conservatories, single story extensions and in alleyways that are too narrow for ladder usage.

The gutter vac systems mean that our operatives do not need to take unnecessary risks of having a fall from height when clearing debris from your rain gutters.

Yes, we provide a gutter repair service for clients who use our gutter clearance service.

Minor gutter repairs which are safely accessible via ladder and do not require parts are included free of charge with your gutter clearance. If parts are needed for the repairs then the team will be able to provide you with a quote for the required works.

We keep a small selection of gutter spares on board including gutter seals, downspouts, corners and unions, however with so many variations of gutter systems in use today we are unable to carry spares for all situations.

Gutter guards, hedgehogs and gutter grilles and other homemade contraptions all sound useful but in reality they only delay the debris reaching your gutter system and hinder the gutter cleaning process.

If there are gutter guards installed on your guttering then we are able to remove them before clearing your gutters – please notify us at the time of your enquiry as we do charge a small additional fee.

We do not recommend that gutter guards be re-installed due to the fact they only slightly delay the inevitable gutter blockages and prevent a swift gutter clearance from taking place in the future.

It also means a man has to physically get to each gutter with a ladder in order to remove the guards before a gutter vac can be used – increasing the chances of workers falling from height while working at your home.

We only provide gutter and roof cleaning services as we specialise in this sector.

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Areas Served By Our Local Gutter Cleaners

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For residential gutter cleaning we serve an approx 15 mile radius of High Wycombe, including Aylesbury, Aston Clinton, Tring, Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Watfird, Rickmansworth, Amersham, Chesham, Haddenham, Thame, Princes Risborough, Chinnor, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Uxbridge, Slough, Windsor, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Marlow & Henley on Thames.

For commercial gutter cleaning projects we serve London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Surrey.

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