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Roof Cleaning & Roof Moss Removal Upper Halliford

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We have been cleaning the exterior of buildings since 2013, initially as a local window cleaning business before expanding to cover all aspects of exterior cleaning before narrowing our focus on the service we love to provide - roof and gutter cleaning!

Let me guess, Moss constantly falls from your roof onto your car, driveway, patio. Your worried about the damage the moss could be causing to your roof or your gutters are getting blocked with moss too frequently. Not only is Moss an annoyance to any homeowner, it also causes damage to your roof and property over years. Freezing moss expands causing the hairline cracks that the moss is embedded into to gradually get bigger and crack your roof tiles. Moss Blocks Gutters with ease and blocked gutters cause them to overflow, leading to damp and even mould growing inside your home. But you can’t just let anyone come and clean your roof, as the wrong cleaning technique can be even more damaging than the roof moss itself.

Professional Methods Of Roof Cleaning

There are in essence 3 ways to clean a roof:

Manual Roof Scraping / Treatment

Manual roof scraping & treatment is suited to any type of roof and viewed as the most gentle and long lasting solution to cleaning a roof, this is by far the best method for concrete roof tiles.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is perfect for natural roof tiles such as Clay and Slate - this gives an instant cleaning result to any Clay or Slate roof that is in good condition.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing does not have a place in the domestic roof cleaning industry in our opinion, however in limited circumstances can be used for commercial building roof cleaning.

How We Access Your Roof

Our team are fully trained in the use of MEWP’s (Cherry Pickers), PASMA Trained to build and work from mobile access towers (which we carry on board) and proficient in the safe use of ladders and roof ladders. We select the most appropriate method of access based on the roof type, size, shape and location - our goal is to clean your roof to the highest standard while keeping the team safe at all times.

Our Roof Cleaning Process

On Site Risk Assessment

Upon arrival at your property our team will complete a risk assessment with you as the homeowner. This helps to keep you, visitors to your property and our team safe while we clean your roof. This is always carried out 1st, before we get set up.

Protect Surrounding Areas

We look all around the property for where moss will fall during the roof scraping . Any areas which are troublesome to clean moss from are then protected with tarpaulins. This allows us to leave your property as tidy as physically possible upon completion.

Assemble Access Equipment

The team will then assemble the required access equipment in place before ascending to the roofline.

Block Downpipes

We don’t want any moss unnecessarily entering our gutter drainage system, all downpipes are checked to ensure that they are blocked before we commence. If they are not already blocked then we block them for the cleaning process.

Scrape Moss From Top To Bottom

We start scraping from the ridge tiles down each face of your roof. Manually scraping moss from the face and lip of each tile using telescopic poles with a range of specially designed roof cleaning scraper heads.

Blow The Roof Of Loose Debris

Once each face of your roof has been scraped we then use a leaf blower to remove loose debris from the roof tiles.

Clear The Gutters

Upon arrival at your property our team will complete a risk assessment with you as the homeowner. This helps to keep you, visitors to your property and our team safe while we clean your roof. This is always carried out 1st, before we get set up.

Thorough Ground Level Tidy Up

Thorough Ground Level Tidy Up Our team then gets to work with a thorough tidy up on ground level, using a leaf blower, shovel and brooms they ensure to clear up debris in each area on ground level. Including debris that has fallen into neighboring properties should go over the boundary. We always aim to leave the ground tidier than when we arrived!

Application Of Biocide Roof Wash

Application Of Biocide Roof Wash Finally, we apply the biocide to complete your roof clean. The biocide is carefully applied via hose pipe and brushes using an electric pump. The pump applies the chemical at a very low pressure, comparable to that of your garden hose.

Our Cleaning FAQs

Yes, our team are fully proficient in repairing roofs, from replacing the odd broken tile to relaying a complete ridge. While cleaning your roof we will carry out a physical roof inspection, checking the roof condition for any problems – which we report back to you on, along with photos.
Prices start from £750 for a terraced property but vary based on the type of tile, size of roof and required access equipment etc

We provide a 3 year moss free guarantee, if you start to see moss to grow within 3 years, simply send us images or a video and then we will return and re-apply the biocide at no additional charge.

Some roofs that we cleaned almost 8 years ago are still moss free today – it really depends on the location of the roof, direction it is facing and the proximity to tall trees along with any other factors such as TV aerials which allow birds to perch and drop their nutrient rich droppings onto your roof.

Commercial Gutter Cleaning Upper Halliford

Alongside domestic roof moss removal and cleaning in Upper Halliford, we also provide commercial gutter cleaning services in Upper Halliford.

Depending on the size and complexity of your gutter cleaning project we will either provide a quotation and risk assessment / method statement based on pictures, Google street view and satellite imaging. For more complex projects we arrange a site survey in which we can discuss the project, working hours, health and safety along with the logistics of the project, ensuring the work does not affect your daily business operations.

We clear gutters in Upper Halliford on:

Our team are IPAF & PASMA Trained as well as being competent in the use of all types of cherry picker and mansafe roof safety systems and walkways giving you peace of mind that your gutter cleaning works will be carried out by a contractor working safely.

For commercial projects we use either a camera or drone to take photos of completed works – perfect for property management companies reporting back to clients.

Natural Slate Roof With Full Gutters

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