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Clay roof cleaning before ans after image

Clay Roof Tile Cleaning – How To Clean Clay Roof Tiles


Here at The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd we are experts at cleaning clay roof tiles, an area in which many other roof cleaning companies fall short on.

We’ve seen and fixed the damage caused to fragile clay roofs by inexperienced contractors offering cheap roof cleaning prices on many occasions and our team is proud that the oldest clay roof they have cleaned dates back to the 1700’s!

When it comes to cleaning clay roofs we firmly believe that there is no better roof cleaner up to the challenge.

I will share our process for cleaning clay tiles, but before we do, just remember that physically going onto clay roof tiles is a bad idea – they are very fragile. The process of cleaning the tiles should be carried out using telescopic poles from access towers or MEWP’s (Cherry Pickers).

Cleaning Traditional, Handmade Clay Roof Tiles

It goes without saying that traditional handmade clay roof tiles can be extremely fragile, they are very porous, often attracting the growth of algae, lichen and moss – particularly on north facing roof pitches.

Our method of cleaning old, fragile handmade tiles is to use an access tower to give a safe work platform at rain gutter height in order to scrape the tiles using telescopic roof scraping tools. Where an access tower is not the best solution for access we would propose the hire of a cherry picker in order to access the roof and scrape the clay tiles.

Once moss has been manually removed the gutters are then scraped, everything tidied up perfectly at ground level and taken away for safe and legal disposal.

Finally we apply a HSE approved roof cleaning biocode wash to your clay roof tiles, which kills off remaining organic growth and biofilm. The biocide gently cleanses your roof over the following 6-9 months and repels future moss growth for at least 3 years which we guarantee.

Cleaning Modern Clay Tiles

Cleaning Modern Clay Tiles Using Telescopic Steam Cleaning Equipment Fro A Cherry Picker

Modern clay tiles can be cleaned manually using the process detailed above for traditional, handmade clay roof tiles or using steam cleaning techniques.

With steam cleaning your modern clay tiles are cleaned using superheated water at low pressure, the process does involve the use of both a professional grade pressure washing machine along with a boiler which heats the water to 150 degrees as it passes through the boiler.

The roof is cleaned using a combination of a small FSC (Flat surface cleaner) & Turbo Nozzle on the end of the telescopic roof cleaning pole – meaning a controlled and efficient clean is always delivered. 

Clay Roof Cleaning - Before & After Photos (Results of our work)

Original Handmade Clay roof before cleaning
This Aged Clay Tile Roof Near High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Dates back To The 1800's
Aged Clay Tiled Roof Partially Cleaned
The Client Only Wanted The Original House And Left Side Cleaned Initially (Manual Scrape & Biocide) This Photo Was Taken 6 Months After The First Photo.
Modern Clay Tiled Roof Covered In Biofilm, Moss, Algae & Atmospheric Dirt
A Modern Clay Tiled Roof In Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire Before Steam Cleaning & Biocide Treatment
Modern Clay Roof After Steam Cleaning
The Results Are Impressive And Will Last For Years To Come Because The Biocide Will Continue To Clean & Repel Moss.

Choose The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd For Your Clay Roof Tile Cleaning project

The Roof Moss Cleaners have over a decade of experience cleaning clay roof tiles, our subject expertise is clear and our goal is always the safest possible roof clean – for both our team and for the roof of your home! 

We serve most of the South East including London, Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Banbury, Bicester, High Wycombe, Guildford, Walton On Thames, Ascot, Henley On Thames, St Albans & Watford

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