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The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd – A Fresh Perspective On Roof Cleaning

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The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd has been founded by myself and Harry to provide market leading roof moss removal and cleaning services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the South East. 

The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd was born out of our desire to specialise purely on roof moss removal and roof cleaning services, narrowing our focus from complete exterior cleaning. 

I, Peter Jones have been in the exterior cleaning industry since 2013, carrying out a broad range of general and specialist exterior cleaning services from window cleaning through to specialist brick and stone cleaning. Roof cleaning has been a key service offering since 2015. 

Harry first started working with me back in 2016 and has been a key member of our roof cleaning team over the years.

Now, in 2021 we have together formed The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd.

Our Mission is to…

  • Deliver the highest level of service, ensuring you want to recommend us to your friends and family
  • Always use the correct cleaning technique for each type of roof, providing the information as to why that is the best method for your roof – giving you peace of mind in our expertise
  • Clean each and every roof in the safest way possible 

Here at The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd we only offer two methods of cleaning roof tops, they are a manual scrape and biocide treatment or a steam clean followed by biocide treatment. 

We never cold pressure / jet wash any rooftop!

What’s To Come…

In the coming months we will be publishing a range of helpful content on the blog as we share our roof & gutter cleaning expertise. 

Topics we will cover include;

  • The different types of roof tiles 
  • Which method is best for cleaning each type of tile, and why
  • How to maintain your roof and gutter systems

What others have said about our services over the years

The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd may be a brand new company, but the team behind the company have cleaned 100’s of roofs since 2015 and have collected many excellent reviews along the way:

If you are considering having your roof cleaned then do not hesitate to contact Peter at The Roof Moss Cleaners Ltd on 01494 355645